WASEDA NEOは、次の時代を創るリーダーが、真のイノベーションを起こすための「共創の場」。最先端、最高峰の英知に触れて、未来志向のパイオニアたちと学び合う、刺激的な知の冒険が始まります。


WASEDA NEO is a Forum for Co-creation where leaders ushering in a new era of change can engage in true innovation. WASEDA NEO is the start of a stimulating intellectual adventure in which future-oriented pioneers can enjoy access to the pinnacle of the most advanced wisdom and learn from one another.

そんな、WASEDA NEOの想いとメッセージを込めた動画です。



WASEDA NEOのコンセプトは、ブレンディピティ=Blendipity(Blending + Serendipity)。広く世界から産学官の人材を結集し、創造的な取り組みを自律的に発展させ、未来へ、グローバルへ、イノベーションの源泉となります。

*Blendipity(Blending + Serendipity):技術・人・社会制度といった様々な“波”が出会い、交じりあって(Blending)意図せず大きな“波”を巻き起こす(Serendipity)ことを目指す意の造語。「共創の場」であるWASEDA NEOを自律的、創造的に運営するための基本コンセプトです。



The concept behind WASEDA NEO is “blendipity” (Blending + Serendipity). A source of future global innovation, WASEDA NEO gathers minds in government, industry, and academia from all over the world to independently engage in creative efforts.

*Blendipity (Blending + Serendipity) is a coined term that refers to encounters between various “waves” of technology, people, and societal institutions (Blending) in order to fortuitously generate bigger waves (Serendipity). The basic concept is to independently and creatively run WASEDA NEO as a Forum for Co-creation.


WASEDA NEOは、次の時代を創るリーダーが、真のイノベーションを起こすための「共創の場」。最先端、最高峰の英知に触れて、未来志向のパイオニアたちと学び合う、イノベーション創出と事業創造の機会を提供します。

About our service

WASEDA NEO is a Forum for Co-creation so that leaders who are ushering in a new era of change can engage in true innovation. WASEDA NEO provides opportunities to access the pinnacle of the most advanced wisdom, to study with future-oriented pioneers, and to foster innovation, and to create businesses.


1. 人材育成サービス「実践的研修プログラム」など


2. サービスオフィス 「NEOイノベーション拠点」


3. みらい学びラウンジ 「パイオニア・コミュニティ」


3 types of services to foster Forum for Co-creation

1. Personnel training Practical Training Programs and the like

These training programs assemble people in various professions from organizations and companies in various industries to address practical challenges for the future through independent or collaborative learning.

2. Services center NEO Innovation Lab

The NEO Innovation Lab is a services center for lecturersof Practical Training Programs and business partners of WASEDA NEO. The Lab allows the identification of sources of future growth and it fosters conditions for open innovation.

3. Future Learning Lounge Pioneer Community

The Pioneer Community is a well-furnished members lounge where future-oriented people can converse. In addition to beverage service, the Pioneer Community members have various benefits such as free access to a complete business center and participation in the events organized by WASEDA NEO.

WASEDA NEOの「学びのメソッド」

WASEDA NEOでは、時代の先を読んだ、企業・業界や社会の課題を題材とし、日本や世界の第一線の講師陣、業界を超えたパイオニアたちと共に、未来とグローバルに向けた、創造的・自律的なBlendipityを探究します。

WASEDA NEO’s Learning Approach

WASEDA NEO’s Learning Approach draws on anticipated corporate/industry issues and societal issues. WASEDA NEO works with leading instructors from Japan and the rest of the world and with pioneers across multiple industries in an effort to foster creative and independent Blendipity for the future and for the world.